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Nine tips for natural hair care and the right hair solution
Contains the right hair for healthy, strong and shiny hair. To get the right hair, you need to follow the right hair solution and practice healthy hair care tips and habits.
We researched to find out what hair care routine and hair care, women with strong, shiny and healthy hair follicles. We have compiled the following nine hair care tips and habits that you should follow to get perfect and healthy hair:

1. How often to make your shampoo: Wash your hair every day when you take baths or baths strip your hair for its natural oils. Good habit is to shampoo and condition your hair two to three times a week or at least every other day. If you wash your hair often, it will dry out.
2. Check the products regularly: Find your type of hair that fits three to four soft shampoos and conditioners of good quality. Keep changing them so your hair is not used to doing the same. This habit of switching to products will provide your hair all the necessary nutrients over time.
3. Comb your hair love: Wet hair is in its weakest position when wet. Never curl your wet hair because it will break your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb directly after washing your hair to prevent breakage and knots.

Also avoid excessive use of hairbrushes. Rather use a comb. If you want to use a brush, follow these brushes for your hair care tips:

(I) Never brush your wet hair.

(Ii) Get a natural fiber / brush, brushes or a brush. These types of brushes give them a proper tone to spread oil into their hair.
4. Let your hair dry naturally: The best thing is to dry your hair naturally. Avoid summer styling is perfect for shiny hair. After washing your hair, avoid wringing your hair with a towel as it can cause breakage of your hair. Pat your hair dry with just a towel to remove excess moisture.
You can use a blow dryer if you follow these hair conditioners:

(I) Keep the hairdryer at a short distance from your hair so as not to expose your hair to direct heating;
(Ii) prefer to keep the dryer on a cool setting;

(Iii) Try to use heat protection spray when using a blow dryer, hot rollers such as a flat iron.

5. Trim your hair regularly: The best solution to prevent split ends is to trim your hair every three months and still better every six weeks. Keep yourself shaving your hair styling and do it if you can't go to the hairdresser.

6. Go for styling products or just paint your hair as needed: do not remove your hair too much. First of all, avoid applying your styling products to your hair too often. If it is necessary to adjust them, then do not apply hair strands to your head and apply them. Applying styling products to your scalp will leave your hair dry.

Just go for dyeing or dyeing your hair only if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

7. Deep Conditioning Treatment: Give your hair a deep treatment once a week. You can use natural treatments for deep conditioning, such as olive oil, argon oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. Learn how to give hair care to your hair at home.

8. Get into the habit of using a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. These types of conditioners penetrate deep into your hair cuticles and help in healing them completely without any problem.

9. Eat well to keep your hair strong and shiny: To get great hair, you need to eat a balanced healthy diet, including:

(I) Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, enhance everything to contain your hair, nails and skin as well.

(Ii) Like nuts, walnuts and almonds.

(Iii) such as fish, chicken, eggs or soy protein.

(Iv) Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. You can take a daily multi-vitamin to make your hair strong and healthy. Following your diet include:

(A) For vitamin B6: Banana, potato and spinach.

(B) Vitamin B12: Meat, poultry and dairy products.

(C) Folic Acid: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, beans, lentils and hot grains.

Follow the above tips and habits for hair care to get perfect hair.


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