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Welcome to Dark World International

Dark World International is an independent record label run by Jeffrey Alan Bohr (aka KarrArikh Tor), located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We record and produce our own musical works available online. We represent the recordings featuring KarrArikh Tor, Kylyra and Johnny M Gayzmonic. This includes the bands Infinisynth, Future Dialogue, Tor’s Angst, DJ Dream Quest, and Milwaukee’s Black Orchid (all featuring KarrArikh Tor), Stygian Tars and Deemed Psychotic (featuring KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra), and lastly, KyPoetry and TechnoKy (featuring Kylyra). KarrArikh Tor also teaches private music theory lessons for guitarists and bassists using Music Theory: The Language of Sound written by himself.

2019 News

KarrArikh Tor (from Infinisynth) has finally released his reference books, Music Theory: The Language of Sound-Quick Reference written for guitar and bass, and the Dutch language version Muziektheorie: De taal van het geluid-Naslaggids. Full color graphics tie the guitar and bass to each other and to the keyboard. A must have for any band member.

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