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Best Phones for 2019 Samsung makes excellent phones that check nearly every box of what you'd want in a device: a clear, brilliant screen. . Strong battery life. But it's been years since all the individual parts have come together in a way that makes me sit back and say, "Wow." The Galaxy Note 10 Plus does that in a way that's eluded Samsung phones since the   This isn't just a phone that has it all -- it's a phone I genuinely want to use. The Note 10 Plus is the total package and the best phone Samsung's made in years.
The prismatic Aura Glow color I tested is utterly striking to look at, the features are nearly all best-of-breed and Samsung has even worked to close the gap between its camera tools and camera-centric rivals like the and  The Note 10 Plus also fixes my two major complaints about spring's (which is still a great phone): the in-screen fingerprint reader is dramatically more accurate this time around, and …
Welcome to Dark World International
Dark World International is an independent record label run by Jeffrey Alan Bohr (aka KarrArikh Tor), located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We record and produce our own musical works available online. We represent the recordings featuring KarrArikh Tor, Kylyra and Johnny M Gayzmonic. This includes the bands Infinisynth, Future Dialogue, Tor’s Angst, DJ Dream Quest, and Milwaukee’s Black Orchid (all featuring KarrArikh Tor), Stygian Tars and Deemed Psychotic (featuring KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra), and lastly, KyPoetry and TechnoKy (featuring Kylyra). KarrArikh Tor also teaches private music theory lessons for guitarists and bassists using Music Theory: The Language of Sound written by himself.

2019 NewsKarrArikh Tor (from Infinisynth) has finally released his reference books, Music Theory: The Language of Sound-Quick Reference written for guitar and bass, and the Dutch language version Muziektheorie: De taal van het geluid-Naslaggids. Full …
12 Of The World's Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Not every travel destination means relaxing on white sand beaches or exploring ancient towns. Crime, weather, disease, and corruption make some countries riskier locations for tourists. These destinations remain popular tourist spots despite the dangers they present. (This travel information was gathered from the usa and applies mainly to US citizens.) Mexico Millions visit maxico safely every year to explore the vibrant culture and view some of the world’s best archeological sites, but violent organized crime makes the country one of the more dangerous for tourists. Resort areas are generally safe from the drug-related crimes like kidnappings, robberies, and carjackings, but traveling outside of those touristy areas can be risky. The most recent travel warning from the US Department of State outlines which specific areas to avoid. The Mexican government is working to combat organized crime through added federal po…
Kamokuna | Hawaii Probably epitomizing the meaning of surreal experiences, watching lava flow into the open ocean is one of those once in a lifetime experience. Located on the big island of Hawaii, you can watch gallons of lava flow into the ocean coming from Kilauea Volcano in Kamokuna.
As soon as the lava hits the water, you can see molten rock shoot upward as clouds of acidic water steam upwards. The word mesmerizing us an understatement when describing this incredible phenomenon. To capitalize on this, you can now go on boat or helicopter tours in order to see this popular attraction. A new theoretical design using nanowires provides a way to hide devices from visible light. While naturally occurring materials are unable to do this, a new class of materials called metamaterials is now making it possible. (See " TR10: Invisible Revolution .") Bending light around an object requires a material to have a negative refractive index. I've seen a few posts about …
luckey persons of world

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Unexpected Flying Objects
Juggler Tony Steinbach presents "Unexpected Flying Objects!" A show with comedy, juggling, magic, and more.
Kids and adults will laugh and clap while learning all about how gravity affects everything, what happens when things go faster than sound, why moons orbit planets, and so much more. Audience members will also get the chance to learn how to juggle and how to practice at home with common and safe household items.
8 Of The Most Unexpected Things US Homeowners Found In Their Properties
Yes, you’ve read it right. As bizarre as it sounds, homeowners from around the world have discovered many strange and unexpected things on their properties. Some may have lived in their home for a couple of months before encountering weird things, while others already owned their home for years before finding things that are impossible to anticipate. Here we reveal some of the strangest discoveries that happened in our own backyard. Well, you may consider them to be a fun and interesting part of real estate—just don’t forget the hard-earned lessons you can pick up along the way. Artist Joseph ferrin discovered the treasure stashed away in the attic of his home in Bountiful, Utah. When he brought up the discovery—a total of $45,000 in cash and coins—to his family, there was some disagreement on whether they should keep it or return it to its original owners. To teach his two boys the value of honesty, Ferr…